Coloring Page Gift Box

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It's amazing how many ways you can use completed coloring pages when you stop and think about it. I came across this empty box with a clear window...

... and realized that I could add a completed coloring page and use it to hold a gift. No wrapping paper required! I cut a completed coloring page from The Art of Coloring Kaleidoscopes to fit the opening. It looked OK, but the colors weren't quite right. 

I painted the box white and it looked so much better.

You could do this with literally any coloring book and any box, tin, or pouch with a clear window. Get those completed coloring pages out of the book and out where they can be admired!

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  1. It turned out great! Painting the box worked better. I love this idea for those coloring pages.

  2. Sooooo clever! I loveeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!

  3. This is SUCH a cool idea! I love that you painted it white. It makes the colors pop!

    To answer your questions, I moved in August and I am still homeschooling the kids. They attend the homeschool center where I teach K-2nd grade.

  4. What a great idea! Looks so pretty!


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