The First Wedding Layout I've Done in a Long, Long Time

I can't remember the last time I scrapped wedding photos, so it was fun to work with the photos from our nephew Ian's October wedding.  

Rachel & Ian (affiliate link)

Almost everyone in the groom's extended family dressed in similar colors, which is a scrapbooker's dream. It made it so easy to pick my color scheme: pale blue, purple* and a sparkly silver and on a pearlescent background. Neither the sparkle nor the shimmer shows up in the scan, so you'll have to trust me. 

*The purple is actually the wedding invitation! I used part to anchor the heart, then cut the location and date from the text and adhered it to the top. Finally, I wrote my journaling on little rectangles that I cut from the scraps. It felt weird to cut the invitation apart, but I love that it's actually on the page. 


  1. Such a sweet layout. LOVE the colours that the extended family dressed in!

  2. Ohhhhhhh this is beautiful! LOVING the colors and that you used a part of the invite!!!!!


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