Making Cards from Scraps

When my friends and I got together to scrapbook last Saturday, I didn't actually do any scrapbooking. Instead, I tackled my bin of scraps, which had gotten completely out of control. As I worked, I set aside any scraps that were too small to keep for scrapbooking, but would work well for a card. Here are some of the cards I made. You might recognize some of the scraps from recent projects; others go WAY back...




I'm happy with the cards and even more happy with how neat and organized my scraps are now! And, I had a great time catching up with my friends. Win, win, and win!


  1. These are fabulous!! LOVING that stitching on the bottom right!!!!

    1. It's not stitching - that's the paper. It's actually glittery and raised. Cute, huh?!

  2. Oh no... I guess my comment didn't go through! Maybe it's lost in cyber space so I'll try again: Love them all, they are all different yet fabulous in their own way; I seriously can't pick a favorite!! I don't make cards but I'm all for using scraps... go, Cindy!

  3. Great job on using up those scraps!


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