The MAKE Party

I've been wanting to check out MAKE in nearby Vacaville for a long time, so I was thrilled when I learned my goddaughters would be having their birthday party there. MAKE is an art studio and it is awesome. 

The space at MAKE is divided into a small lobby, a main room with supplies and tables, a paint area, a party room, and a designated glitter space. 

After a tour, we were given free reign to create. It was overwhelming, because they have literally every art supply you could think of. I started the background for a painting, set that aside to dry, and then started really digging through the dozens of bins of supplies for inspiration to strike.

Meanwhile, Trevor had said, "What should I make?" and someone answered, "Parakeet." He gathered a bunch of supplies, sat down, and started creating.   

I wandered around looking at what everyone was making, spent some time taking photos, and then sat down with an empty frame.

I have a clean and simple aesthetic, but have always wanted to try just gluing a big pile of random bits to something to see how it would turn out. I scooped a few handfuls from the bin of game pieces, grabbed a glue gun, and jumped in. Everything about this was completely different from what I'd normally make. I didn't plan ahead, didn't edit, and didn't hold back. It was a lot of fun. 

I did put some thought into the items I chose to glue on the frame. You'll see our initials, my birthdate (3/12), our family colors, and tokens from our favorite games. Amazingly, even though I was just gluing stuff on haphazardly, I still managed to make something that: a) I like; and b) is still quite Cindy. 

That's Trevor's parakeet leaning up against my frame. He turned a glass bottle upside down, glued half of a plastic egg to it, then added tissue paper and built up the features from there. Super cute and so creative! 

Happiest of birthdays, Kylinn and Ellia! We had a blast celebrating with you.

And I can't wait to go back to MAKE! Check it out if you are local. Better yet, let me know when you're going and I'll meet you there!


  1. What a FUN place!! LOVING all the photos!!! And LOVING what you and Trevor created!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome place...looks like you guys had fun!


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