Ohio 2018

This is the final layout from our epic 2018 Midwest Adventure. The entire trip was planned around a wedding we attended in the Akron area. But obviously, we couldn't be normal and fly in the for the wedding, relax for a few days, and fly home. No way. We turned that trip into a 17-day, 6-state, 1-province, 11-city extravaganza with a bonus stay in the US Detention Center. Of those 17 days, we spent 5 in Ohio, visiting Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus. It wasn't nearly enough time, but we packed in as much as we could.

Ohio 2018 (affiliate link)

This is about as simple as a scrapbook layout can get. Twelve photos, arranged in a grid, glued to white cardstock. A single piece of patterned paper for the background, one sticker functioning as a title, and a ton of journaling squeezed in. Artistically, it isn't much, but the pictures and the journaling means so much more to me.


  1. Of COURSE you couldn't be normal, LOL ;) Simple yes, but perfect for capturing all the moments! I just started my Portland/Seattle Album and I'm trying to go for a less is more approcah to actually get it done!

  2. Glad you made it a family adventure and got more of your home country covered. Looks fabulous!


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