Onboard Fun (Europe 2019)

I'm almost done scrapping our 2019 Europe trip. Today's page has miscellaneous photos from the cruise portion of the trip, along with a group photo in front of the Sapphire Princess.  

I struggled with this page for awhile, but once I figured out what to do, it came together quickly. What's interesting about it, besides the fact that I used deco-edge scissors for the first time in forever, is that I made this layout with only a single sheet of patterned paper and half a sheet of white cardstock. Here's the secret:

The paper is double-sided with dots and stripes. I cut out a chunk that would be hidden by the photos, flipped it over, then sliced off a bit to use as the waves that would hold the title. Then I punched hearts out of what was left. It wasn't big enough to punch entire hearts, but that didn't matter because the missing part appears to be tucked under the photos. I like the effect and am happy with this layout. 

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