Cat Socks Punny Hidden Money Gift

Another holiday, another money gift! This time, I hid cash in a pair of socks. Cat socks, to be exact, which gave me the chance to torture my nephew (Timothy) with a bunch of cat puns.

I purchased these cat socks (affiliate link) and filled them with cash, leaving $5 out. Then I typed up a note. It says:

This sole-warming gift should
allow you to sock away some
cash. Fur real - I'm not kitten!

This money will be heel for you
when you knead to get your paws
 on some mew-lah. Save it for the
purrfect occasion so you don't
have to sockrifice later.

I put that note in an envelope and labeled it with a 1. I packaged it with the socks. Then I made a separate note, which went into a second envelope along with the $5 bill. 

The second note reads:

You've tailerated these puns but
it's time for one more. You have
five minutes toe come up with
your own hiss-terical cat or sock
pun to get the last $5. If you cat-
not think of one, the money goes
to the first purr-son who does.
You can do it! Think pawsitive!

Timothy opened his gifts with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. I can't wait to hear who got the $5 and what pun they thought up!

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