Creative Resolutions 2022

It's time for me to look back at the creative resolutions I made for 2021 and set new goals for 2022. Last year, I tried to set myself up for success, not knowing where we would be with COVID. It looks like I'm going to have to do the same thing again for 2022. 

Of the eight resolutions I made, I completed six and made partial progress on one. 

First, the resolutions I completed: 
  • I made 53 scrapbook layouts in 2021. I honestly thought it was more because I am now caught up with everything on my need-to-scrap list from 2020 and before.
  • I taught two craft classes for my church - a cross with Easter lilies virtually during Lent and a Nativity scene in person during Advent
  • I took a class during the virtual Creativation show, took a deep dive into colored pencil art, and started a drawing class
  • Trevor took Art History 3 (Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas) through the community college during the spring semester. Since the class was virtual, I sat in on all the lectures with him. The class was fantastic!  
  • In June, I completed 30 days of drawing food. It was a really fun challenge and definitely something I'd like to do again. 
  • I made a lot of cards this year. I didn't count them, but I know it's at least 46 because that's how many I shared on the blog during the past year, starting with a card featuring a rainbow of hidden gift cards and ending with holiday cards. I played with a wide variety of techniques and materials.   

I gave myself partial credit for one resolution:
  • I hosted one general crafts party in addition to 6 Zoom craft days with my crafty BFF's

There is one resolution I didn't start:
  • I wrote a survey but never sent it out and thus did not make crafts inspired by my friends' answers.

As usual, I've put a lot of thought into what I want for my 2022 resolutions. I want them to be broad enough to allow me to take them in fun directions, but specific enough that they're measurable and push me creatively. I also want to tackle some of the resolutions I didn't complete in past years. Here is what I'm hoping to accomplish in 2022:

Have you made creative resolutions for 2022? If so, I'd love to hear what they are! Tell me what you hope to accomplish in the comments. 

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  1. LOVE how dedicated you are to your craft resolutions. I might attempt some this year...maybe...lol


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