Bash Bowl 2023: Bumblebeast

I'm off to a good start with Bash Bowl 2023! This is my second touchdown in Week 1. 
Bumblebeast (affiliate link)

Same playbook. I got one point for the sticker (flag, top right), one for the twine (orange, left), one for the bling (enamel dot on flag), one for the stars (washi tape border), one for the wood (teardrop pointer), and two for the stencil (hexagon pattern inked onto plain kraft cardstock). It was definitely a challenge and once again it was painful to add lumpy stuff to a scrapbook page, but otherwise I'm happy with how it turned out. 

The journaling tells the story of Trevor, age 3.5, whose vocabulary had a few gaps. He was obsessed with mazes, so Grandma bought him the Labyrinth board game for Christmas, thinking he would like it. He loved it. Despite the fact that the game was recommended for age 7+, Trevor mastered the strategy right away. He knew the names of most of the pieces (including candelabra - no clue how he'd learned that so young), but a few were tricky for him. He referred to the treasure as "sack of money" which technically was not wrong, and he called the moth "mof." For unknown reasons, he insisted the fancy book was a "tote." Having no words for genie or troll, he called them "bumblebeast" and "monkey-gorilla" respectively. We tried correcting him, but it was no use and eventually we all called them bumblebeast and monkey-gorilla. Labyrinth is still a family favorite 13 years later and we all still call the pieces by those names. 

I checked Amazon for Labyrinth and unfortunately they are not selling the version we have. The new illustrations, I'm sad to say, do not include a bumblebeast or a monkey-gorilla. They also have a lot of fun variations, among them Harry Potter Labyrinth, Super Mario Labyrinth, Ocean Labyrinth, and even a Labyrinth Junior.  

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