Bash Bowl 2023: Through the Years

I had time to make a third layout for this week's Bash Bowl competition. Steve and I are coming up on 21 years together, 19 married, so I gathered nine random photos of us together to make this 'Through the Years' page. 

Through the Years (affiliate link)

It's appropriate that this page includes photos from a long time ago, because the supplies I used are similarly old. I started with the double-sided background paper (hexagons and flowers - two of the challenge requirements!). It's from Scenic Route, and considering that they closed in 2009, I've had that paper for a LONG time. Since I only had the one sheet, I cut it, then glued the two parts to a cardstock base. The title is made from metal letters which I colored with a Sharpie. I estimate that they're around the same age as the paper. The light green washi is probably 10 years old and the love-themed stamp set is old enough that I couldn't find a product link. I haven't bought sequins in decades; they might be the oldest thing on the page. 

Back to the stamps. When I first completed and scanned my page, it looked like this: 

Fortunately, I realized almost immediately that I hadn't met the challenge requirement of using 2+ stamps. I added the 'I love you' stamp so that I would get the full seven points. It, and the other stamped heart, are colored with my Ohuhu markers. I can't decide whether I prefer the layout with or without the additional stamped image. I think I prefer the original version, as the stamping looks like the afterthought that it is. 

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