Bash Bowl 2023: Ravenclaw Pride

Unfortunately my team, Twisted Scissors, was slaughtered by the Scrappin Banshees in last week's Bash Bowl game. But that only makes me more motivated to contribute to my team this week. This is the first layout I made. 

Ravenclaw Pride (affiliate link)

This is the playbook for Week 2: 

This challenge wasn't quite as hard for me as last week's, mostly because there aren't any required lumpy items. It took some effort, but I did score a touchdown. The white/silver washi tape has staples (metal) holding it in place. There are a bunch of sequins, including some that are flower-shaped. (There's a "no double-dipping" rule, but this works because the flowers aren't the only sequins.) The hexagons are on the cardstock, using the same stencil/technique as on my Bumblebeast layout. (If I'd known hexagons were coming, I wouldn't have put the stencil away!) For the stamped images, I did 3rd generation stamping with white ink onto the background cardstock. I like that it's really subtle. 

About the layout itself: I've identified strongly as a Ravenclaw since I read the first Harry Potter around age 28. I'm still a big fan 25 years later. The transphobia of JK Rowling bothers me significantly; it also confuses me. She literally wrote the story that starts with a boy who is different than everyone else, doesn't know why, and isn't allowed to be who he really is. Vernon and Petunia try to suppress the wizard behaviors, but that doesn't change who Harry really is. Call me crazy, but I see parallels. Anyway, while JK Rowling is the author, the world of Harry Potter has become bigger than her and I'm a fan. Ravenclaw Proud! 

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  1. This is so unlike you....but I can see the effort you put in!:)


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