Bash Bowl 2023: 6101 Days

I didn't have any recent photos printed that were going to work well with the Bash Bowl Week 2 requirements (hexagons, flowers, sequins, washi tape, metal, and stamping), so I dug into my stash of photos I printed years ago but never used on a layout. I took a photo of Trevor from around age 9 and cropped it so just his eyes show. Then I used the date-to-date calculator at timeanddate.com to figure out how many days it had been since the first time I looked into those eyes and fell instantly in love. As of Saturday 2/18/23, it's been 6101 days of being Trevor's mom. 

6101 Days (affiliate link)

The first time I made a layout like this (using timeanddate.com) was May 7, 2011. At that point, I'd been a mom for 1795 days. Preschool graduation was just around the corner and we were planning zoo-themed parties for our family and Trevor's friends. It feels like so long ago, yet I remember it so well. Life is completely different now, but one thing that hasn't changed is how much I love being Trevor's mom. 

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