Woven Easter Basket Craft

I enjoy weaving projects and have found that 99% of kids like them too. I love that weaving is a very simple skill that can be made much more complicated by using thinner strips, alternating patterns, multiple colors, or other variations. I kept it fairly simple with this basic Easter basket craft, but you'll notice that I alternated weaving white and green strips horizontally, giving it stripes rather than a checkerboard pattern. 

Woven Easter Basket Craft


  • construction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue


Cut a bowl-shaped piece of construction paper or cardstock in the color you want your basket to be. Trim equal amounts off each side (easiest if you gently fold the basket in half and cut them simultaneously); these will be the basket handle. Cut the scraps into strips that are at least as wide as the basket. If you want to use a contrasting color, cut those strips too. 

Make a paper bow by cutting five pieces of paper as shown below. Gently fold the top two pieces to make the loops of the bow, then glue the bottom two pieces behind them. (I just noticed that I switched their order in the photo. In order to make the bow look the same as the completed one above it, swap the two tails so that their tapered edges match the finished bow.) Glue the square on top to hide the fact that your bow is made of five pieces and not one continuous piece. 

Set the basket and handle aside, then make vertical cuts in your basket, stopping 1/2" before the top so that they don't fall apart. Then begin weaving. 

Glue down all the ends, front and back, then trim any excess. Cut colorful eggs, then glue them behind the basket. Glue the basket to a background paper, then add additional eggs if desired. 

Happy crafting!

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