WOYWW? More Like, "Where Is My Workdesk Wednesday"

Have you heard of "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" WOYWW is a popular way for craft bloggers and artists to share their work-in-progress. It's fun to get a peek into other people's creative space. 

Today is Wednesday and my desk is a disaster. In fact, my entire craft room is a disaster. I've been struggling to keep up with deadlines, which means I haven't been taking the time to clean up after projects. This, in turn, makes it much harder to do the next project. I greatly prefer to work in a clean, well-organized space, but that isn't always my reality. You can accurately gauge how caught up I am with life by how my craft room looks. Today, instead of WOYWW, it's more like WIMWW (Where is My Workdesk Wednesday)!

As I said, I like working in a clean space, with everything put away where it belongs. But that isn't the case with all artists and crafters. I know many who find inspiration in chaos and work best in a cluttered, disorganized studio. For others, a mess is an unavoidable side effect of the type of art they make. I recently came across a photo from the studio of my all-time favorite children's book author and illustrator, Eric Carle. It makes me feel a little better about the current state of my workspace. 

I figured if there is any artist whose studio could justifiably be a mess, it would be Jackson Pollock. I did some Googling. Considering his technique, Pollock's studio (which you can visit), is neater than I expected. His shoes, on the other hand...

I can't imagine getting anything done in this studio. But apparently it worked for Francis Bacon

BoredPanda compiled photos of 300+ artists in their studios. They range from pristine to... not. And by "they" I mean the studios, not the artists. (Although now that I think about it, the artists themselves do run the gamut.) One of my favorites amongst all the picture is this one of Bernard Buffet

As it turns out, my workspace isn't nearly as bad as I thought! But it still needs a good cleaning, which is on the agenda for tomorrow. 


  1. I loved seeing all of the messy work spaces, Cindy. I loved seeing Eric Carle's. He's one of my all time fav children's author/illustrator, too! Like you, his studio makes me feel a bit better about my own. I try to clean up after making every project, but that doesn't always happen!. LOLOLOL!!!!

  2. I guess creative chaos is a real thing...I actually prefer to embrace the mess and just finish my projects. But I do cleanup at the end of every day since I sleep in the same room and it would drive me crazy.


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