Birthday Art Haul

My 51st birthday was on Sunday. The celebration was much more subdued than last year's 50th birthday extravaganza, if 5 people spending a weekend playing board games, learning about history, and eating a lot counts as an extravaganza. I think it does. This year, I spent my birthday scrapbooking with my crafty besties. I always enjoy my time with them, but they went out of their way to make my day extra special. Steve and Trevor had a Scout event, so when they got home we had dinner and Baskin-Robbins clown cones (one of my favorite birthday treats). It was a great day.  

My friends and family spoiled me with plenty of fun gifts. I thought I'd share the art-related stuff I got. I'm including affiliate links. You have my permission to buy yourself any of these items, no matter when your birthday is. 

Crop-a-Dile Multi Punch

I've owned a Crop-a-Dile Big Bite for 14+ years and I love it. WRMK makes high-quality tools that can be used for so much more than just crafting. Having the Multi Punch will allow me to punch 5 different sizes of holes through chipboard, fabric, metal and other thicker materials that don't work well with standard punches. 
I've heard great things about this 9x12" paper pad by Strathmore. It is 50lb weight and smooth, which is great for alcohol-based markers
Before receiving this pack of 36, I owned 3 Inktense pencils. These water-soluble pencils are vibrant and they dry quickly and permanently. There's not much you can do with only three pencils, so I'm looking forward to playing with this set. 
I have enough coloring books to keep me busy for years, but that doesn't mean I don't want new coloring books! This Disney Villains book has great illustrations that will work well with my giant marker collection or my colored pencils. I can't wait to try it out! It might be awhile though - I've been working on a page from a coloring book I got for Christmas and I'm determined to finish that before starting another page.  
I've been needing a new grey ink pad and Archival Ink is one of my favorites. 
Posca is the most beloved brand of paint pens. They can write on paper, but also on photos, glass, fabric, plastic, and a lot more. This pack has white pens in three different sizes. Plus, there's a bonus set of pencil sticky tabs. The green one matches my favicon!
I love Flair pens. When I saw this special edition of botanical colors, I immediately put it on my wishlist. The black is the only duplicate of the Flair pens I already own, and there's no such thing as too many black Flair pens. 
All of my ink daubers are dying at once (since I got them all at the same time, about 10 years ago), so these will come in handy. A friend recommended these in particular. I'm curious to see how the bristly head works compared to the foamy heads I'm used to using. 

I'll be sharing all of these on the blog eventually, along with some of the non-craft gifts I received. Anything in particular you're eager to see? 

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