Non Voyage

We were really disappointed when we had to cancel our trip over winter break, but there was a major upside: we had fourteen unscheduled days at home to do whatever we wanted. We definitely took advantage of that found time! We visited museums in Sacramento and here in Fairfield. We cooked from scratch, completed three puzzles, read, did a bunch of art (me) and played video games (Steve and Trevor), stayed up late (Trevor) and slept in late (also Trevor). We got our COVID booster shots. Steve and I went wine tasting. And we rang in the new year with friends Rebecca and Cailei. 

Non Voyage (affiliate link)

I had originally planned to title this layout "14 Found Days at Home." That ended up being my subtitle. When I came across the "Bon Voyage" die cut, I did some creative surgery to remove the B, then added an N sticker and made my title "Non Voyage." I'm incredibly pleased with myself. Adding UN above the "Pack Your Bags" sticker is the pièce de résistance. 


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