Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Using Souvenirs from Massachusetts

I don't usually buy souvenirs when we travel. Steve buys pins, and Trevor buys decks of cards, flags, and pressed pennies. Although it is really rare for me to buy something, I couldn't resist doing a little shopping when we visited The Carle in June. 

I used my goodies to make this card for a baby shower:   

I got a super cute pack of Eric Carle origami paper, plus a pack of Very Hungry Caterpillar die-cuts (affiliate link here and below). 

I made a card base using the white cardstock I now use for everything, trimmed a sheet of origami paper to fit, then added the caterpillar. I chose the one who is just about to make his chrysalis to symbolize that the baby is almost here. I thought about using the chrysalis itself, but it didn't make a very cute card. So I went with the caterpillar.

This was probably the easiest card I've ever made, but I think it's really cute. Best of all, the parents-to-be liked it. 

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