Christmas Tree at Night, Made with Paint Pens

It might be a little early for Christmas crafts, but this idea popped into my head while playing with the Apple Barrel Paint Pens I shared yesterday and I was eager to try it out. It's really easy to do and I love how it turned out! Affiliate links below. 

Christmas Tree at Night



Use painter's tape to form a triangle on the cardstock in the shape of a Christmas tree. Working with one paint pen at at time, add dots of color right up to the edges of the tape. 

Continue until you have filled in the inside of the triangle. Be sure that you've gone up to the edges with your dots of color. 

Peel away the tape and use the yellow paint pen to draw a star at the top of the tree. When that is dry, use a q-tip to outline the tree with yellow pastel chalk to mimic the glow the lights would be giving off. 

I added a few swipes of chalk under the base of the tree to give a hint of the ground it's sitting on. 

I'm having fun playing with the paint pens. Expect to see more projects featuring them some time in the future!

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