In My Sketchbook: Doodles on Paint Swatches

Here's the latest in my sketchbook

I used a pencil and a ruler to make a grid, then filled in each square with one of the newest Folk Art paint colors. Aren't they pretty?

When the paint was dry, I added doodles to each square using a coordinating paint marker or colored pencil. Since I'm left-handed, I worked from right to left. I filled in the squares in the upper right with paint markers. I'd expected the paint pens to work really well on paint, but they didn't. So I switched to colored pencils, which produced much better results.  

When the doodling was done, I used a Sharpie to draw the grid lines to better define the squares. Sharpies work well on paint... until they don't. I had to use a second Sharpie to complete the lines. 

I had a lot of fun making this, and it was relaxing as well. And now, not only do I have my new paint colors swatched, but I have an idea of how they look with colored pencils. Plus, I have a reference for doodle ideas in the future. 

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