Dandelion Painting, Using Posca Markers

I recently learned that dandelions grow on every continent except Antarctica. They are entirely edible - the flowers, stems, leaves, and roots. The name dandelion comes from French and means "lion's tooth." And it turns out that they're really fun to draw. 

I painted a page in my sketchbook with Folk Art Midnight, let that dry, then used a white Posca marker to draw the dandelions (affiliate links). I started with the stems, then made oval blobs at the end of the stems. Then I used a flicking motion to create the florets coming from the oval. I added a tiny scribble at the end of each to mimic the fluffiness. I drew some florets randomly being carried off by the wind. The last thing I did was draw the grass. 

I've never tried to draw a dandelion before and working only in white was a great way to start. I didn't have to worry about color or shadows, which took away a whole level of difficulty. It was a fun exercise and I'm happy to have it in my sketchbook. 

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