Field Trip - UC Davis and Sac State

Back in May, I chaperoned a field trip for Trevor's school. The junior class visited two nearby universities. The first was my alma mater, the University of California at Davis (loud cheering). Then we went to California State University, Sacramento. I like Sac State, but my heart will forever be with UCD. 
This was actually the second time I chaperoned a field trip to UC Davis. Trevor went in middle school with National Junior Honor Society. This was a very different experience. Middle schoolers are learning what college is like in general, while high school juniors (especially those in an early college program) are focused on the strengths and weaknesses of each university. They're actually picturing themselves there, looking at all the little things that makes a campus a good fit or not. (For Trevor, a High Squirrel Density is key.) It was fun to watch Trevor and his friends experience both campuses. I'm really glad I was able to be there. 

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