I'm Going to Need a New T-Shirt (Big News!)

I'm going to need a new t-shirt!

UC Davis Mom T-Shirt (affiliate link)

After months of worrying, wondering, and waiting, this simple email was the answer to my prayers. 

Trevor will be part of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, with a major in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Exactly what he wanted. I am so proud of him. 

On Wednesday, UC Davis released information about their applicant pool for Fall 2024. They had a record high of 115,349 undergraduate applicants, of which 98,834 (including Trevor) applied for first-year admission. They aim to enroll 9,600 new undergraduates, with an average GPA of 4.03. Trevor will be in very good company. 

I loved every minute of my time at Davis. Never for a single second did I wonder if I should have gone to school somewhere else. UC Davis felt right from the first moment I stepped on campus. Thirty years (!) after I graduated, I still feel the same way. UC Davis is special. 

I am so excited that my son will be attending my alma mater. Congratulations, Trevor. I am so very proud of you. 

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