Hawaii Travel

Our family has been to Hawaii twice together, in 2009 and 2012. Steve and I spent our 2004 honeymoon in Hawaii and I'd been there a few times before as well, so I have lots of recommendations! Basically, you can't go wrong in Hawaii. It's a magical place. Below are some of our favorite locations on three of the islands.



Hawaii (Big Island)

You may have noticed that the Hawaii State Capitol is not on the list for Oahu. This isn't because I don't recommend it, but because I haven't been there. We hadn't yet started taking Trevor to state capitol buildings until after our last Hawaii trip. It will be a top priority if we're ever in Oahu again.


Can't travel to Hawaii anytime soon? Join us for a virtual trip to Hawaii through Little Passports. Or, try these Hawaii-inspired crafts, recipes, and activities! Just click on the link below a picture to go to the tutorial.


  1. Great page!! I'm very familiar with the big island and Oahu and you picked some of my favorites. I will definitely come back here when we finally make it to Kauai!

  2. Love the craft ideas to go along with the Hawaiian theme! Very informative and helpful to include free activities!


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