Tissue Paper Pineapple

It kills me to see people throw out tissue paper after unwrapping gifts. There are so many good uses for it. You can reuse it to wrap more gifts (iron it if the wrinkles bother you). Or use it for crafting! I made this dimensional pineapple with a piece of tissue paper I rescued from a birthday party. It makes me happy. 

Tissue Paper Pineapple


  • construction paper (yellow, green)
  • scissors
  • yellow tissue paper
  • wax paper
  • white glue
  • unsharpened pencil


Cut an oval from the yellow construction paper and pointy leaves from the green construction paper. Put a glob of glue on the wax paper.

Cut the tissue paper into 1" squares. (No need to measure. It's fine if they're uneven or the sizing is inconsistent.) Wrap a tissue paper square onto the end of the pencil, then dip it in glue. Touch it to the yellow construction paper and lift straight up. The tissue paper will stay in place. Repeat this process, placing each tissue paper square as close as possible to the ones that are already glued down. 

When you've filled the oval, let the glue dry completely, then give your pineapple a haircut. Trim up the edges, then taper it so that the middle section is slightly higher than the edges to make the pineapple look round. 

Glue the leaves behind the yellow oval and your pineapple is ready to display!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is FABULOUS! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just made your Christmas Card Ornament from 2011, and love it. I knew if I posted way back there at that post, you would probably not see it, so I'm posting here. Cute idea, and I'm going to make lots of them! Thank you, and keep crafting!

    1. Glad you liked it! And so you know, I would have seen the comment. Because I moderate comments, I get an email alerting me, even on the oldest of posts. :)

  3. So fun and cute!
    P/s: You know how I save all my wrapping tissue to use on my mixed media projects. ;)


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