Color Matching Challenge, Inspired by My Favorite States

Do you remember the graphic I made for my blog post about the best state? I used the eyedropper tool on PicMonkey to create a palette based on it and created a collage called "The Colors of California." Then I put empty boxes beneath each color in the palette so that I could practice color matching with acrylic paint. How did I do? 

I've never been especially good at color matching, but I'm actually quite pleased with how I did on this. I ended up making five more palettes. Can you guess which state inspired each of the following color palettes?

They are my favorite states! I've arranged them below in the same order they appear in the graphic above, which is the same order in my blog post. I did not make color matching swatches in this same order. It's pretty easy (for me, at least) to see when I was losing the light and settling for "matches" that aren't all that close at all. 

You are more than welcome to print my blank collages and try your own color matching. I recommend printing onto Neenah Vellum Bristol and mixing with the 18-color set of Folk Art acrylic paint (affiliate links). If you're already an experienced color mixer and want a real challenge, use just red, blue, yellow, white, and black paint. Too difficult for me!

In total, I matched 36 colors (with varying degrees of success/failure). But I didn't just paint in the swatches you see above. I used my mixed colors for a kid-friendly group project. I'll show you that tomorrow.  

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