Cards as Gifts

Many people struggle with gift ideas for the older generation.  Grandparents, parents, and aunts/uncles often don't want anything, don't need anything, and buy what they want when they want it.  My usual solution for this is to give something handmade and/or consumable. 

Each year I make a stack of blank cards to give to my mom for her birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas.  She is not a cardmaker but appreciates being able to send handmade cards.  She lets me know if there are any specific types that are running low.  This time she requested female birthday cards, thinking of you cards, and get well cards.  Thank goodness she doesn't want sympathy cards.  I really struggle making them.

Get well cards are almost as difficult.  Sometimes cutesy and whimsical is fun, but depending on the injury or illness, they can be totally inappropriate.  I decided to make some very neutral get well cards that my mom can send.

Simple and to the point.

Here's a "Thinking of You" card, following the same basic design I scraplifted from myself a few weeks ago. 

I think this is going to be my new go-to card design...


  1. Such a great idea and these are beautiful!

  2. GREAT idea -- I have done this for my Mom! Suzanne

  3. I wanted to ask on the first post, but here it goes on the second...I t think these are so cute! Are these tri fold open or bifold with the "look" of a tri fold?

  4. The cards are actually a bifold with the look of a trifold. But now you've got me thinking that I should mix things up and use the same format for a trifold once in a while!

  5. Get well and sympathy cards are hard for me too! I had to make a get well card the other day and it ended up brighter/happier looking than I thought it should be. It's hard to know what's exactly right. I think your cards are wonderful!


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