Happy Birthday Orange-Handled Scissors!

As I mentioned yesterday, Fiskars' iconic orange-handled scissors turn 45 this year.  The Fiskateers held an online birthday party to celebrate the big occasion.  And of course I joined in the fun!

I already told you about the orange bread I made.

I also made a card,


a festive party hat,

and coordinating party favors.

The party was great fun!  Happy birthday Orange-Handled Scissors!


  1. Toooooooo fun!! LOVING all the 'orange' party projects!!

  2. I love your party! I too mix scrapbooking with recipies. Where in CA do you live? I'm in the San Fernando Valley and have a ton of oranges sitting in the kitchen just waiting to be eaten. I'm joining your blog!

    1. I'm quite a bit north of you- I live close to Napa. :)

  3. The orange goodies you made all look fabulous! My favorite is the party hat. So adorable!

  4. Fun! I have to try that orange bread.... ;)


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