Secret Agent #004113

When Lead Fiskateer Rebecca asked who would be willing to complete a secret mission and earn "double 0" status, I couldn't volunteer fast enough!  She mailed me two Jenni Bowlin Limited Edition punches: the Jester border punch and Jenni's Butterfly punch.  I was instructed to create whatever I wanted, but to keep it all top-secret.

I started with the Jenni's Butterfly punch.  I decided to make a "thanks for all you do" card.  I wanted the butterflies to pop off the card as if they were flying.  I used chalk to create a sky background (which I described here), added some clouds (another great Fiskars punch) and then punched three butterflies from scraps of patterned paper.  I used a pen to add the trails to show movement, then stamped the sentiment.  I love how the card turned out!

When I saw the Jester border punch, I knew it would be perfect for a layout about our family's 2011 Halloween costumes.  I love the way the Jester border punch sets off the pictures.

 My final project was a "40" card using the Jester border punch again.  I've had a crown-shaped canvas accent for a long time and couldn't figure out how to use it.  The Jester border punch made a perfect background for it.  As you know, I'm celebrating my 40th birthday in March.  One of my high school friends will be getting this card later in the year when she hits 40!

I am so excited to have joined the elite Fiskateer ranks and earned my "double O" status!


  1. These are awesome! I loveeeeee how you did the backgrounds! Those punches are Fab!

  2. Congrats Cindy!!! I love all three projects. That butterfly card is so cute, the layout is perfect and I love the 40th card -so regal!! :)

  3. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog - I found you via our discussion "Why Blog?" on Scrapbook.com. I love how you've used that jester's punch! Lovely!
    Cheers, Tessa

  4. Nicely done secret agent! Love how tou used the punches! :)

  5. Love them all! I really enjoy getting your updates. Sorry to hear about Steve's job. You guys have what it takes to ride it out! Better things will be coming your way soon! Pat (Scribe)

  6. These projects are all so cool! Great job on your secret agent assignments!


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