The Hay Wheel

The hay wheel sat untouched in Trouble's cage for the first year or two after we adopted him. Then one day I heard an unfamiliar squeak and noticed him spinning the wheel to find just the right piece of hay. Now he checks it regularly and gives it a spin just to play fairly often. It's adorable, like everything he does.

Need a hay wheel? This is the one Trouble loves. That's an affiliate link. Your Amazon purchase earns me a commission that helps keep the hay wheel full. Trouble and I thank you.

I Love My Hay Wheel (affiliate link)

I have mixed feelings about this layout. The pictures are cute, but too dark and really busy. I don't love the font of the green letter stickers (I'm trying to use them up), and the purple and green color combination (with red in the title and orange in the photos) is not my exactly my favorite. But I'm still glad to have these pictures scrapped and in the album. Not every layout has to be my favorite, particularly when they're from ordinary moments like this that don't really matter but that make me smile. 


  1. I love this layout! Maybe it's the cuteness of the photos and the situation that distracts me from all the flaws you pointed out (though truly as I look closer, I still don't see anything wrong w/ this layout). I am really glad you mentioned them though; that you kind of brought up the topic of "disliking" your layout... because sometimes I get hung up the less-than-stellar layouts and I realize I really need to put it into prospective. You're correct not EVERY layout needs to be the best and sometimes I need to tell myself that and move on! So TY... I really needed this today. (if you couldn't figure it out, I'm having a issue w/ a recent layout, LOL)

  2. I think it's PERFECT! I am LOVING the colors you chose to match the photos and loving the story behind it!!!!!!!!!!


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