Whole Lotta Speakin' Going On

I have three speaking engagements in the next three months. Part of me is saying, "What was I thinking?!" as I'm looking at everything I need to do to prepare (on top of all the regular things I need to do), but most of me is very excited. I love public speaking and I love teaching and I am enthusiastic about my topics.

I told a friend that I had these three classes coming up and that I was stressing about how much work the preparations will be. She asked if I could basically give the same talk three times, since the audiences were completely different. Nope! My three topics could not be more different. (Yet they're all totally me.) I've already told you about two of them:

Come join fellow introverts as Cindy deRosier talks about networking and connecting at Creativation - because you never know who might be the key to the next big break in your business. This seminar will address a variety of things introverts should do at the event and beyond to connect with fellow attendees. Leave with a comfortable strategy for networking. 
Thursday 1/19 at Creativation in Phoenix, AZ

Travel is the ultimate learning experience! Make your family vacations as educational as they are fun. Expect lots of hints, tips, and budget-friendly resources to expand your kids' world (literally!) through educational travel.

Friday 3/8 at Pinners Conference in Ontario, CA

So what's #3? (Well, technically it's #2, because it falls after Creativation and before Pinners.) I'll be presenting at LEAD. (Leader Education And Discovery), which is a leadership training for Scout leaders. 

Join Cindy deRosier for a an action-packed hour of demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Learn how to teach basic chemistry using common household items that will amaze, delight, and educate your Cubs.

Saturday 1/26 at LEAD in Pleasant Hill, CA

With apologizes to Jerry Lee Lewis, there's a Whole Lotta Speakin' Going On.


  1. Oh wow... I don't know anyone who actually likes Public Speaking!! And yup, 3 totally different topics! I would love to attend the 1st one cuz...ya know... I'm a Introvert! Good luck, though I think you will do fabulous even w/out luck!

    1. A lot of teachers (or former teachers, in my case) like public speaking. It's a good thing, since teachers are basically on stage for 7 hours a day. :)

    2. Good point, LOL But then again I don't actually "know" any teachers...aside from you!

  2. These all sound fabulous!!!!! I wish I could attend any of them!!! Things are a little extra crazy right now (I know it is for everyone with Christmas next week), but let's just say I have not been home the past few days as I have been visiting hospice spending time with a special person, so I am SO NOT sure what next month will bring.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you're able to spend time with someone special while you can.


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