Punched Circle Christmas Tree

This was supposed to be a post about Oreos. But as you can see, this Christmas tree is made of construction paper, not Oreos.

Backing up a bit... we need to bring 2 dozen cookies to an upcoming Scout cookie exchange. Trevor asked if we could bring Oreos. I told him that no, it would not be in the spirit of the cookie exchange to just bring a package of Oreos, but if we did something with them, then sure. We did some brainstorming and I remembered seeing this advertisement for Ritz Crackers in the latest issue of Food Network Magazine. (This is an affiliate link, as are other links in this post.)

Wouldn't it be cute to dip Oreos in green Candy Melts (and one in chocolate for the stem), arrange them like a tree, then add mini M&M's for Christmas lights? Yes, it would be adorable! How fun!

Fortunately, it crossed my mind to actually check how much room it would take to display a Christmas tree made of 24 Oreos. I got out my circle punch and some green construction paper and started punching. I tried several ways to arrange 2 dozen circles, but the tree looked really weird unless I used just 22 circles. Not only that, but the tree was larger than I'd expected.  

We scratched the Oreo Christmas tree idea and will be doing something else creative with our Oreos. I'll share that soon. Never one to let a craft opportunity go to waste, I glued a piece of blue construction paper onto a sheet of white, then glued 15 of my green punched circles on that (it fit better with 5 rows than with the 6th row) and the brown trunk circle. I added a yellow star, then started punching out a bunch of little circles. 

I glued those in diagonal lines across the green circles to mimic the look of lights. 

It's pretty cool to see what you can make using nothing but circles. (OK, and a single star!)


  1. I'm a sucker for Oreos (you probably know this by now) and circles in crafts (I think you know this about me also)... Love this tree and it looks like something even I could do, LOL
    Looking forward to the Oreo post!

  2. Loveeeeeee this! So fun!! I can't wait to see what you did with the actual oreos!!!!!


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