Santa in the Chimney Craft

Steve and Trevor are well-trained to check with me before throwing anything out that might possibly be reused or turned into a craft. This chimney used to be a plain red gift bag that Steve received. Now it's filled with tasty truffles and ready to give to someone special!

I do most of my crafting at home, but occasionally I load up all the supplies I think I'll need for a project and complete it while I'm waiting after driving Trevor somewhere. Such was the case with this. I found a quiet corner to work during Trevor's Scout meeting. I was very pleased that I did indeed manage to bring everything I needed. That doesn't always happen, as my crafts often evolve as I make them!

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Santa in the Chimney Craft


This is what the gift bag looked like when I started.

I used the ruler and the white pencil to mark every centimeter to a height of 13 cm. on both sides of the bag.  

Connect the marks to make horizontal lines, then trim off the top half of the bag. But don't throw it out!

Add staggered vertical lines to mimic the look of brick.

Remove the extra red paper from the trimmed-off handle section. Glue it to the inside of the bag to hide the kraft interior. If you want, you can draw bricks on it before gluing it in place. I didn't. There won't be quite enough red paper to fully line the inside, but you really only need to line the top inch or so. 

Now, tackle the boots. I folded a scrap of black construction paper in half and cut out a boot shape, giving me two matching boots. I originally thought I would cut a teeny square out of the center of a small square of gold paper in order to make the buckle, but I came to my senses and realized you can get the same look by layering a small black square on top of a slightly-larger gold square with no need to snip out any interiors. MUCH easier. Glue the squares in place to make the buckles.

Glue the boots to the inside top of the bag, leaving most of the boots sticking out. Add a bit of cotton (I used 1/4 of a cotton ball for each boot) where the boots touch the chimney. 

Fill the bag with truffles or other holiday treats and you have a gift that anyone would love! 


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