Reptile and Amphibian Crafts for Kids

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Given how many known species of reptiles (10,000+) and amphibians (7,000+) there are in the world, you'd think that it might have taken me quite awhile to catalog all of my reptile and amphibian craft tutorials. Nope. It took about one millionth of the time it took to complete the mammal page. Check out exactly how many reptile and amphibian crafts I've made over the years:

I obviously need to step up my game. What do you think my next reptile or amphibian craft should be?


  1. I am partial to Gecko's (as I should be, since I have one tattooed on the back of my neck! LOL!!)!! I am off to see what you have there!

    1. Gecko is a great suggestion. I don't have one yet!


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