Mammal Crafts for Kids

Considering how often I make bunny crafts, it's not a surprise that they make up the majority of my animal craft tutorials. But you'll find plenty of other mammals below, including narwhals, bats, giraffes, pandas, beavers, buffalo, moose, mice, and a whole lot more!









Bear Treat Topper * Cotton Ball Bunny * Paper Bag Badger  *

Bunny Cookie on a Stick * Paper Plate Beaver * Bunny Banner *

Elephant Sunset Silhouette * Twinkie Narwhal *  Paper Bag Bunny *

Handprint Sheep * Yarn-Stamped Bunnies * Craft Stick Reindeer  

Bunny Handprint Card * Dimensional Beaver Cards * Felt Bunny Electronics Case *


Cardboard Tube Opossom * Handprint Bunny * Paper Strip Yak *


















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