Do a Good Turn Daily

The Scout slogan is, "Do a Good Turn Daily." As the coordinator of service projects for Trevor's troop, I can confirm that the boys of Troop 482 strongly believe in helping others and working to benefit our community. I'm proud of all that they do. 

Do a Good Turn Daily (affiliate link)

For this layout, I challenged myself to go monochromatic. I chose nine photos from the Scouts' service projects, matted them on brown cardstock, then layered that on a lighter brown 12" x 12" cardstock base. I used stickers to spell out the title on a scrap of light brown paper that I cut to the same width as the photos, inked over the letters with brown ink, then removed the stickers to reveal the title. I glued a different brown scrap to the top to hold journaling, used yet another brown to cut a flag (that points to Trevor in a dumpster) and a star and glued them in place, wrote out my journaling, then added a fleur de lis from yet another brown scrap. That's six different brown papers, plus the brown ink, and I'm happy with how it turned out. It was a fun challenge.


  1. Such a creative lettering technique! Your grid layouts are always so perfect!

  2. Love this! LOVING that you added their slogan!!!!

  3. Looks great! You've made brown look so good!


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