Do you remember the sticker art my friends and I were working on a few weeks ago? It's finished and it's gorgeous. Check it out! This is what it looks like standing about five feet away.

From a distance, it's even prettier. 

I received this kit from StickTogether, having tried and loved their product at Creativation. There are affiliate links throughout this post. Each StickTogether standard kit contains a 40" x 36" poster, a color key, lots of sticker sheets, and simple instructions.  

I hung the poster and the color key on the wall in the dining room, set a small table against the wall to hold the sticker sheets, then hid the packaging that showed the final image. Half of the fun is not knowing what the design is going to be! 

Trevor was so excited to get stickering. 

Steve was quick to join in. 

Over the next few weeks, every person that came to our house was immediately drawn to the poster. Most had a hard time pulling themselves away. Adding stickers is definitely addictive! I found it really relaxing, and so did Trevor. Every day when he got home from school, the first thing he would do is zip over to the StickTogether poster and unwind with some stickers. 

I'd guess at least a dozen people contributed to the finished design. My mom came for a visit when the poster was 95% complete. 

Wait, is Trevor really taller than Grandma?! Time for a back-to-back shot. They're close, but Grandma is still a bit taller. 

I let Trevor have the honors of putting in the 3996th sticker to complete the hot air balloon design. About five minutes afterward, he asked when we could start another StickTogether! They really are a lot of fun. I loved having it up and adding a few stickers whenever I passed by. I loved standing there with a friend or family member and chatting while adding stickers. I can totally see this at a family reunion, or at a day care, or in a library or classroom. It would be awesome in a dorm room, or a senior center, a break room, or in a waiting room. It would be great fun at a birthday party or any other gathering. 

StickTogether kits come in two sizes. The standard size measures 40" x 36" and has 3996 stickers in the finished design. The large format designs are 60" x 36" and have 7040 stickers. (Each kit comes with at least 5% extra of each sticker color in case you need them.) As for designs, there's something for everyone! My favorites include Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, a stunning tiger, Mt. Rushmore, Martin Luther King Jr., a monarch butterfly, and King Tut. They're all so cool. Check them out and then let me know your favorite designs! 


  1. That is cool and I can see it being a great stress reliever as well! I really like the "Under The Sea" version.

  2. Wow - what a project! Looks wonderful!

  3. Ooooh...such a fun project with so many contributors!

  4. Wow that is big. I had a similar thing in book form while I was in the hospital

  5. Wow!! It looks amazing!!!! LOVING how it turned out!!!


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