50 Miler

Last spring, Trevor's Scout troop did a 50 mile bike ride. Impressive enough, but more so knowing Trevor did the first 30 miles on a fixed-gear bike. Another boy (Ryan) was riding on a bike that was too small for him, so at Mile 30 Ryan took the bike his dad (Carlo) was riding, gave his bike to Trevor, and Carlo rode along in the chase vehicle.  

50 Miler (affiliate link)

The top photo is from the start of the ride and the lower photo is at the end. I resisted the temptation to add some of the other photos and left lots of white space as well as plenty of room for journaling. The tiny embellishment cluster in the upper right is my favorite part. 


  1. Love this! Loving the colors, and how great they were able to switch it up at mile 30 to make it better for all!

  2. Great layout! How sweet of trevor

  3. Nicely done Trevor! Looks fab!


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