Foil Baseball Player Sculpture

Today's craft, a baseball player made entirely of foil, takes only 15 minutes to make. How do I know? I set a timer for 15 minutes and stopped with seconds to spare. 

Literally all you need is a rectangle of foil. Scissors are helpful, but not necessary. Cut (or tear) the foil in five places, as shown on the template below. Don't measure, just cut. 

Gently crumple the head, arms, and legs sections to form the basic shape. 

Continue to shape and bend the foil into a person. Think about what pose you want to give it. I made a left-handed pitcher, so I bent the right knee and raised the left arm. You can use extra foil to add accessories. I made a ball, a glove, a hat, and a pitcher's mound. My baseball player actually balances fairly well, but it was hard to get the ball to stay in his hand, so I added a tiny dab of Supertite. 

There are so many possibilities with this project. Not only is it fun to do on your own, but it is a great activity for a group. It would be so much fun to make an entire baseball team, a bunch of circus performers, or kids on a playground. If you're looking for inspiration, check out Danya B's sculptures (affiliate link). 

Happy creating!


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