Magazine Heart Valentine Tree

Need a quick and easy valentine idea? It took me under 15 minutes to make this and I love how it turned out. 

Magazine Heart Valentine


  • magazine
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • heart punches (optional)
  • craft glue


Cut a tree trunk shape from a page of magazine text. I chose mine from an article about how people met their spouses that I really liked. Glue it just left of center on a piece of construction paper. 

Punch (or cut) small hearts from a red area in the magazine. Check ads - many feature red because it is eye-catching. Glue the hearts to the tree to make leaves. 

Punch (or cut) a large heart, then search the magazine for text to spell the rest of your message. I found the letters I, O, and U plus an exclamation point in red, but I couldn't find a Y. I solved that problem by cutting part of an H off. If you can't find the letters you want, just cut what you need from a solid block of color, or handwrite your message!


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