Sparkly Valentine Heart Note Holder

Marbled Model Magic hearts + clothespins + a jumbo craft stick + glittery paint = a sparkly Valentine note holder for February! Affiliate links below.


Sparkly Valentine Heart Note Holder



Paint the craft stick and the clothespins black. When they are dry, add a coat of Extreme Glitter for sparkle. When that is dry, use Supertite glue to attach one heart to each clothespin. 

Use the centering ruler to determine where to put your clothespins so they are evenly spaced. I used three because there are three of us in the family, but you can add more or fewer so that each family member has their own. 

Lift one clothespin at a time, add glue, and carefully replace it. Let the glue dry completely. 

Glue a length of cord to the back to act as a holder. The centering ruler is helpful for this, too. Honestly, I use my centering ruler all the time. It's so handy.

If hearts aren't your thing, you can easily switch them out for any other shapes. You can use different shapes, or different colors, for different people. There are so many possibilities.


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