Larry's Produce

Larry's Produce is a legendary produce stand here in Fairfield, CA. It is open daily from mid-June to mid-December. They stock a huge amount of the freshest fruits and vegetables, most of them grown locally, at ridiculously low prices. Consequently it is always packed. 

During lockdown, they started offering $30 no-contact produce boxes for sale. Every box was jam-packed with gorgeous produce worth that would cost easily double or triple that in the grocery store. True, you couldn't choose what was in your box, but opening up the box at home and discovering what was inside was half the fun. Needless to say, their boxes were VERY popular. Order online, drive to Larry's, pop the trunk, and off you go with a box of great stuff really cheap. What's not to love?

We bought a box every 10 days from April 2020 until June 2021, when they opened for the season and stopped selling boxes. I LOVED the challenge of cooking with the bounty and letting nothing go to waste. I photographed every box we got and used two photos in this layout:

Larry's Produce (affiliate link)

I really hope Larry's resumes selling produce boxes again, particularly after our family's summer garden slows down a bit. It was especially nice having such wonderful produce during the winter when there isn't as much in our garden and the local farmers' markets and other produce stands aren't open. 

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  1. Love your mentality of not wasting any food. I would get excited over the fresh produce too *high fives* Great page...I love the happy colours!


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