Puzzle Piece Minions

From aliens to monarchs, puzzle pieces can be just about anything with a little paint and the proper accessories. They make adorable minions. Affiliate links below. 

Puzzle Piece Minions



Put a coat of white gesso onto the puzzle pieces. When it is dry, sketch the design you want for each minion, then paint the skin yellow and the overalls blue. 

When the paint is completely dry, use a black Sharpie to color their gloves and add buttons and pockets to the overalls. 

Draw a horizontal band across each face, then glue googly eyes in place (one or two per minion). Draw mouths beneath the eyes. 

Finally, snip short lengths of embroidery floss and glue them behind the heads. Vary the length of the hair from minion to minion, and separate the strands of floss on some and leave them together on others. 

Which minions are your favorites? I'm partial to the two on the top. 

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