Protractor Name Art

Today's name art project uses a protractor, but not for its primary purpose of drawing and measuring angles.

Protractor Name Art


  • drawing paper
  • protractor
  • pens


Position the protractor in the bottom left of the paper. Use the arc to write your name in block letters. I strongly recommend using pencil so you can correct mistakes. I used a pen so that it would show up in the photos. 

Draw a dot in the hole at the base of the protractor.

Use the straight edge of the protractor to connect that dot with each of the corners of the bottom of the letters. 

For letters that don't have corners (like the C in my name), connect the dot to where the base of the letter would be if it were flat. Once you've connected all the letters, color in your design. 

I intentionally made this project very simple. If you'd prefer a more dimensional look with a little more difficulty, connect every corner of each letter to the point, like I did in this name art project. Either way, it's a fun project that kids will like. 

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  1. How fun! I know I have a protractor somewhere in my stash.;)


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