This is the second of two layouts I made for a BYSS challenge on National Scrapbook Day. As I'm sure you can tell, this one really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Nothing about this page is something I would usually make. 

CHA / AFCI (affiliate link)

The challenge was to use three different stencils and three different inks to create a background for a layout. I'd decided my page was going to include a waterfall of my 7 badges from CHA / AFCI trade shows I attended over the years, so I used the badges for my color inspiration. I didn't really think through the fact that most of the badges wouldn't be showing!

Here's my stenciled background before I added anything on top: 

I started by adhering my 2011 badge directly to the page, then used washi tape to attach the 2015 badge slightly above the 2011. I continued adding 2016-2020. I added a photo of myself next to the stack, then used letter stickers to spell CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) and AFCI (Association for Creative Industries).  

I didn't plan out my journaling at all. I just started making bullet points about my experiences at the shows: 7 shows in person plus one online; my changing section membership; 2 years as a Creator VIP; show locations (LA, Anaheim, Phoenix); etc. 

I don't love this page and that's ok. I made it purely to try something different, which makes it a success.

I have three more pages to share from National Scrapbook Day, but I'll be interspersing them with other projects I've been doing. Tomorrow is an animal craft. 

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  1. Love the background...so fun! Glad you tried something different!


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