Scrapping Our 12-Hour Vacation to Nowhere

The second page I made on National Scrapbook Day was this one, documenting our 12-hour vacation to nowhere on Christmas Day

The whole situation was super annoying at the time, obviously, but it was a really fun layout to make. I chose seven photos: a screenshot of Trevor on the news; the board showing our delayed flight; Steve impatiently waiting in the line from hell to Baggage Services; tons of unclaimed baggage; a screenshot from the Southwest app when our flight was finally canceled; Christmas dinner at Panda Express; and a picture of my suitcase when it finally arrived. I added the newspaper headline from Dec. 26 onto the photo of the all the baggage. 

I went all in with the Christmas paper, borders, and sticker. Waiting 12 hours to go nowhere would be lousy any day of the year, but for that to be the way we celebrated Christmas really adds insult to injury. I picked word stickers like "blah" and "done and done" to line the edges. I had fun with the title too. I'd originally planned to call this the 12-Hour Trip to Nowhere, like I'd titled the blog post, but when I came upon the red 'Vacation' die cut, it struck me as funny how festive it looks on this page about a really bad day. 

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  1. Not a great situation but you made an awesome page about it!


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