(Outdoor) Adventure Documented

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day, my favorite day of the year. While you non-scrappers were doing things like watching the coronation of King Charles or rooting your favorite horse to victory in the Kentucky Derby, I was making scrapbook layouts for 12 hours straight. I completed 7 layouts (two of which were for Bash Your Scrapbook Stash challenges) and nearly finished an 8th. I also watched all of the NSD classes at Scrapbook and Cards Today and checked in with my various scrapbook communities. 

This is the first page I made: 

Five of the photos are from the whitewater and kayak trip Trevor took with his Scout troop last September. The other two are from their rock climbing trip in December. Trevor earned the merit badges for all three skills, which is what prompted me to make this layout as a stand-alone, rather than mixing the photos in with October and November's monthly trips. I love that Trevor has gotten to try so many cool things through Scouting. 

I started by making a grid of the photos, then fussy cut the 'Adventure' title piece. My plan was to add the DOCUMENTED sticker underneath and have that be the title, but after I glued it down, I didn't like how much empty space there was above the tent. I found a cute kayak sticker, but it would look ridiculous floating above the tent. I didn't have anything else that could reasonably float above a tent, which left a word sticker as my best option. I chose OUTDOOR and I liked how it looked. 

Until I realized the rock climbing photos are indoors. Argh. It makes me twitch, but I decided to leave the sticker there. 

Hopefully this isn't a slippery slope for me. If ever you see me put "Best Day Ever!" on more than one layout, you'll know OUTDOOR was what started it all. 

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  1. LOVE this page.All the photos and elements look great together. :)


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