Silly Peafowl!

We have a colony of approximately 200 peafowl that live near our neighborhood. We usually see a few in people's front yards or on the sidewalks when we drive by, but it's rare to see more than a handful at a time. If you go looking for them at the 6-acre nature center where they're actually supposed to stay, you're lucky to find more than a dozen roosting in trees, foraging on the ground, or otherwise hanging out. 

There was light rain on one of Trevor's first days of driving practice. I suggested he drive us by the peafowl property to see if we could spot any in the rain. They weren't at the nature center; instead, they were crowded onto neighboring porches and eaves, sheltered from the rain!

Silly Peafowl! (affiliate link)

I had Trevor stop so I could take some pictures. It was so funny seeing dozens of them all packed like that when they normally don't hang out in large groups. It was equally funny that a few of the peafowl perched on the roofs, just getting wet! There's always a kid in every class (and always a boy) that intentionally stands under the downspout at school on a rainy day; apparently, there are peacocks like that too. Silly peafowl!

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