Across America Fluxx

There's a new version of Fluxx out and it's AWESOME! Across America Fluxx was provided to me as media sample. There are affiliate links here and throughout the post.
Did you notice the license plate? Luv Flx!

Across America Fluxx is everything I love about other versions of Fluxx (fun, easy to learn, portable, ever-changing, played with any number of people) combined with a subject matter I love, travel in the US. Across America Fluxx is played the same way as the other versions of Fluxx. You follow the (ever-changing) Rules as you take Actions and collect Keepers in hopes of achieving the (ever-changing) Goal and winning the game. 

The Goals and Keepers are totally unique to this version of Fluxx and are all themed on locations in the US. The first thing I did when I opened the box was go through the Keepers and see how many places we've been! I've been to 14 of the 21 shown below on the map, most recently the Space Needle. Excluding the Golden Gate Bridge, which I've been on, under, and next to often enough to not be a big deal. 

I was a bit confused at first, as there are 21 locations on the map and 22 Keepers. The 22nd is Amusement Parks. Smart to keep it generic instead of naming a specific one. 

The next thing I did was to go through the Goals to see how many I'd accomplished in real life. (I got a lot of entertainment from Across America Fluxx long before I even played a single game!) Answer: 18 out of 32. #Goals.  

The Rules and Actions in this deck are mostly similar to other Fluxx versions, but there are several of each that are new. One of the more interesting ones is the Been There Bonus, which lets you draw an extra card if you've actually been to at least one of the Keepers you have in play. The Road Trip! rule has you count the number of different states represented by the Keepers you have in play and draw that many cards. So if you didn't already know the locations of some of the spots, you will after playing enough rounds of Across America Fluxx!

Looney Labs has also introduced Around the World Fluxx, which can be combined with Across America Fluxx for even more fun. I don't have a copy of Around the World Fluxx yet, so if you've played it, let me know what you think!

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