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California is our home state and we've spent a lot of time exploring it. California truly has something for everyone. The Golden State features a long coastline with famous beaches, the highest mountain in the contiguous US, forests with the tallest living things on Earth, a desert that holds records for the hottest recorded temperature on Earth, the world's most famous amusement park, and so much more.

We love doing California-themed crafts! Below are our favorite crafts and recipes inspired by the Golden State. Just click on the link under the photo to go to the tutorial.





* State Symbols Memory Game * California Wood Slice Ornament *


Because there are so many things to see and do in California, I have more recommendations than could reasonably fit on a single page. I've divided the state into ten regions, each with its own page of the best things to do in the area. Just click on a region to go to that page. Can't travel to California any time soon? Check out our virtual travels through California with Little Passports!









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