Crayola Crayon Coloring: California

I'm a big fan of everything Crayola. I loved my Crayola crayons and markers as a kid, and I still love them as an adult. I love the newer products they've added since my childhood, particularly Model Magic. How much do I love Crayola? I added a day to our time in Pennsylvania in order to detour to Easton, home of the World's Largest Crayon and Crayola Experience. It was awesome. 

Because I'm such a fan, I jumped on the chance to become an affiliate for Crayola. (Affiliate link here, obviously, and throughout the post.) Eager to see if they had any new products of which I wasn't already aware, I poked all around the Crayola site. And that's when I found a treasure trove: Crayola's free coloring pages. There are a bunch of categories, like Disney, Seasons, and Animals, but it was Places that called to me. They have flags, maps, and symbols for most of the countries of the world and all 50 states. These printable pages have instructions for coloring the flags and symbols accurately. 

I printed out this page about my home state of California, then got happily to work using my Crayola crayons to color the Bear Flag, the Golden Poppy, and the California Dogface Butterfly. I cut out my drawing and mounted it on black paper. I love how it turned out.

It's really tempting to drop all my responsibilities and make myself a coloring book of all 50 states. I'm resisting, but barely. 

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  1. Such a bright and happy page.

    P/s: I've never actually tried Crayola. They are quite pricey here.


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